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Response to Jesus' Crucifixion Was Not a Sacrifice

2018-06-05 religion Greg Murray

The following is a response to an article by Daniel Miessler, which can be found here.

Why is it a sacrifice if he isn’t dead?

The old testament had many kinds of sacrifices, including grain offerings and the like. These weren’t ‘killed’ in any real sense, yet they are sacrifices. So I think we can leave behind your narrow definition of a sacrifice. But going further, Jesus is considered ‘the lamb’, something clearly killable, and there lies the issue; the sacrifice isn’t defined by a state, it is defined by an action, namely the execution of Jesus. And as a slight aside, most people I know inherently understand that sacrifice in their own lives, deep and painful ones harder than death even, are a very real thing. Indeed, Romans 12 says we are to be a ‘living sacrifice.’

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